Part Time Jobs For Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens seeking part time jobs
Seniors discussing career opportunities.

Part Time Jobs For Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens are finding a need to re-enter the workforce. There are many reasons why that need arises. They may realize that their pension, coupled with Social Security payments which they have been relying on for the past few years is simply not enough to meet their economic needs. The average Social Security cost of living adjustment for the past 10 years is just 1.36 % while the average cost of living increase across major USA urban areas rose 2.3 % in 2018. as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment
Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment-Courtesy of the US Dept of Social Security.

The volatility of the stock market has also seen some incomes dwindle. What was once a comfortable nest egg a few years ago, may not provide you with the same level of comfort as it once did.

Some senior citizens have also taken on the responsibility of raising grandchildren, this is a more common social arrangement than it was 10 years ago. This added responsibility can also drain retirement income.

There are also seniors who feel they can still add value to potential employers and may want to share their experience and knowledge while earning some extra money on a part-time basis. Employers may be well served to take advantage of this experience.

Many seniors are also just bored staying home and getting back in the workforce helps them feel productive. The adjustment period after retirement can be challenging for a lot of seniors. They now have to figure out what to do with all the free time that has been suddenly become available to them. Initially many new retired seniors choose to fill their day with chores they have been meaning to do, such as fixing that pesky door lock or re-grouting the bathroom. Eventually, they become bored with these tasks and seek more challenging endeavors. This is when they decide to re-enter the workforce.


Best Part Time Jobs For Senior Citizens.

1: Consulting: Many seniors find they can leverage their experience, and relationships from their past employment into landing a consulting job. Consulting enables you to share your experience and knowledge with past employers, or other organizations in your field while earning an income. This can be done on a part-time basis, and you can choose how many hours you are willing to work.

Consulting Pay statistics
Consulting Pay statistics-Courtesy of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  • Working in an industry you are already familiar with.
  • Work from home, Set your own schedule.


  • May require you to work more hours than you would like.
  • Benefits are usually not provided with consulting jobs.


2: Retail: Working in retail for companies such as Target, Walmart, and The Home Depot offers seniors opportunities to earn some extra money. Many of these companies also offer store discounts, enabling you to save some money on items that you probably buy and use fairly frequently. This career choice may require you to be on your feet for extended periods throughout the day, so this career choice may prove physically taxing on some seniors.

Retail Pay statistics
Retail Pay statistics-Courtesy of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  •   An easy barrier of entry, retail jobs typically require no experience.
  •   Flexible hours, as there will probably be different shifts available to you.
  •   Most retail stores offer an employee discount.


  •   Can be physically taxing, you will be spending a lot of time on your feet.
  •   May have to work holidays, and weekends.


3: Child Care

There are many opportunities for seniors to pursue employment in the childcare industry. You can work for a preschool or provide this service from your home. Certification and requirements may vary depending on the state you live in.

Child Care Pay statistics
Child Care Pay statistics-Courtesy of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics


  • You get to provide a much-needed service that will always be in demand.
  • You can do this from the comfort of your home.


  • You may have to deal with unreasonable parents from time to time.
  • Becoming certified can be time-consuming. If you need to gain employment quickly you may want to choose another path.


4: Writer

Writers pay statistics
Writers pay statistics-Courtesy of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

A part-time writing career can be done by creating a blog, which only requires an internet connection, a willingness to help and provide expert solutions in your field. There are many different platforms that can help you to get started on your blogging career. There are many programs and courses you can take to help you start your career as a blogger. They will teach you how to set up a website and help guide you on blogging techniques. One of the most trusted and proven programs in the industry is the Wealthy Affiliate program. This program will get you going in the right direction.

Wealthy Affiliate


  • There are literally millions of topics to write about.
  • You can write about topics that you have experience and expertise in.


  • There is an initial investment of time, and money to get a blogging career started.
  • Monetizing your blog may take more time than you are willing to invest.


5: Animal Care

Animal Care Pay Statistics-
Animal Care Pay Statistics-Courtesy of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you love animals, you can seek employment in the animal care industry. This can include working for a pet store, such as Petco, or PetSmart providing pet grooming services. You can also try to get a job in a local veterinary office, pet boarding facility. Personal dog walking is a service that will probably provide you with pretty steady work once you get a few clients. After all, dogs do need to be walked every day.


  • There are many different settings available to those seeking employment in this field.


  • You may have to work in inclement weather (remember dogs need to be walked even when the         weather is bad)
  • Handling animals can be physically taxing. You must make sure you are in good physical shape in order to effectively and efficiently do this job.


  1. Great post on a very relevant topic with some really great ideas. Nice, clear and easy to read layout, with just the right amount of information for someone looking for ideas. I love the pros and cons, they are really helpful. I would also add to Animal Care as a Pro – It’s a great way to keep active! Which is great for circulation and fitness, not to mention your general well-being, both physical and mental.

    1. Author

      Thanks for dropping by my friend, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. I agree with you, taking care of animals is a great way to stay active.

  2. These are great suggestions for people who want to work after retiring full time from the work force I for one would want to get another job .because I am looking forward to hitting the golf course .Though guest speaking and consulting work would seem a little appealing a lot less like its a job as well

    1. Author

      Hello Erick, thanks for stopping by and checking out the site. Retirement can be a slippery slope in today’s world. I think everyone should be doing something for themselves that is truly their own.


  3. This is a nice guide. My aunt has just become a senior citizen and I know very well she’s not happy with her pension, she has got a lot of money but knows it won’t last long and she wants more in life. This Wealthy Affiliate you speak of is very interesting. I think she’ll love it since she can write in her own time, and well, she’ll have plenty of that lol thanks a bunch!

    1. Author

      Thanks for dropping by Brandon, I think this is something seniors can really excel at. The experience and knowledge that they have should definitely be shared.


  4. This is a nice article and very informational. You did well at organizing your thoughts and hitting the pros and cons of each job opportunity. I thought about my mom while I was reading this article to see if she would be able to do any of these jobs. I plan on passing on some of the information. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Abigail, thanks for reading this post. Please pass on the information to your mom and any other seniors who you think may benefit from reading this.


  5. This is a great post. The charts with all the facts are very helpful and give a clear view of everything to be considered when looking for a new career venture. Senior citizens have so much value to offer, it’s a fantastic idea for them to share their experience while earning extra income.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for stopping by Sheree. Seniors do indeed have so much to offer. I’m glad that there’s a platform like WA out there to help get their voice heard.


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